Saturday, September 5, 2015

Unprofessional Moron Of the Day

Whole Foods' security guard is fired after 'slamming a customer into concrete pillars before choking him unconscious in bloody attack when he tried to pay with food stamps'

  • A Whole Foods Market security guard in Oakland has been fired after he allegedly assaulted a customer Thursday night
  • The attack reportedly began inside the store and an eyewitness shared disturbing images of the bloodied victim to Facebook
  • Witness Zoe Marks says the victim was not 'shouting' or  being 'violent' before the guard slammed the man into concrete pillars
  • Marks says the guard put the shopper into a chokehold and 'suffocated' him before throwing him on the ground outside unconscious
  • Police are investigating the incident and the victim is in stable condition at a local hospital  

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Louie Bee's Commentary:

Please read the whole story above. What seems like was we have another case of an ego driven poorly trained security unprofessional over stepping his responsibility.

Violence is to be avoided at all cost. In most cases even when you are in the right to use violence you end up in the wrong. That is because most corporations are so scared of lawsuits. Even if the suspect is trying to kill you, the company will side on its best interests.

First, SG's are not police, do not have the same powers as police, so keep your hands to yourself.
Second,  If the customer is not being unruly LET THE STORE MANAGER HANDLE IT!
Third, A SG's job is to observe and report. Only intervene when the situation gets out of hand.

This SG got fired and now Whole Foods is in damage control mode. I guarantee the SG is going to face charges and Whole Foods is going to have to pay a hefty settlement to the victim. and rightfully so. He was an armed guard as well so imagine if Mr. wannabe jack boot thug cop wanted to play dirty harry with the customer? The SG could have killed the customer over trying to PAY with food stamps.

SG's like him make me sick. Acting like you have special powers. I can't stress this enough, SG's are not police. You can not choke someone because you don't like them. I hope this customer recovers and sues the hell out of Whole Foods for obviously not training the SG in public relations and allowing a loose cannon to guard its facility.