Monday, February 4, 2013

How To Avoid Security Guard Job Scams

There are a lot of scams on Craigslist, Newspapers and other job sites. Many security training schools will advertise themselves as A security company who is hiring. they will try to schedule an IMMEDIATE appointment with you and tell you to bring $80- $100 for a “Background Check, Drug Test or Uniform.” However, when you get there, it’s usually a security training school. Many of these scam schools will try to sell you classes that will not be recognized by an employer like, metal detection, and anti terror, and homeland security like you will be trained to be jack Bauer. 

YOU ARE ONLY required to have THE 8 HOUR, 16 HOUR, Guard license, and an 8 hour annual each year. If you want extra certifications to help, go for the Fireguard License and CPR/AED training but those are optional. 

In YouTube videos I posted I spoke about this one place in particular called Big Apple Security. Since then I have received emails and phone calls on horror stories of how Big Apple Security took people for hundreds of dollars and being told by their employees to just not come back and forget about the money. I am not going to ask for money I just doing what I was trained to do as a Security Officer and that is to observe and report. Ultimately it is up to the reader to show this and other videos to everyone considering Security work before they seek training to save you money. 

BEWARE OF SOME COMPANIES WHO ADVERTISE WITH 347, 646 & 917 AREA CODES. Avoid ads for security work with company names like HR department those are usually a fraud. Avoid ads that promise 12 or more starting you never get paid that much starting. AVOID PROMISES OF JOB PLACEMENT OVER THE PHONE. If you perceive that something does not sound right go with your instinct and leave. 

According the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, Upfront fees for a job are a “Red Flag.” If you want a good job you will have to look for it yourself No school has the golden key to a good job you have to go out there and work to find one a lot of times it is who you know after you proven yourself. In fact in the contracts these fraud schools hide in the fine print usually say “we only provide job placement assistance. Obtaining the actual job is the client’s responsibility.” Before you go to these schools always check if they have complaints go to sites like

If you have been scammed please report to: 
Thomas P. Canning
NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services
Office of Public Safety Associate Training Technician (Police)
4 Tower Place
Albany, NY 12203-3764
phone 518-457-3580

If you are looking for legitimate training as a security officer I recommend going to R.E.M.S as they have the best prices by far. 
8 Hour Pre-Assignment Course $40
16 Hour On-The-Job Training Course $80.00
8 Hour Annual In-Service Course $40.00
They do charge to do the paper work for your license. 
For More Information go to