Monday, February 5, 2018

Reporter defeats Mandalay Bay Security

Independent reporter Laura Loomer was able to sneak onto the service elevator without even being a guest of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The very hotel where the shooter stayed and allegedly carried out his act. Loomer took the elevator up to the 32nd floor.
As a security professional the whole security staff needs to be fired. This is pure negligence. Especially when it was 6 months after the deadly shooting. Loomer wasn’t stopped nor questioned and it seemed no security was around. Loomer also had with her, a black duffel bag.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Unprofessional Moron Of the Day

Whole Foods' security guard is fired after 'slamming a customer into concrete pillars before choking him unconscious in bloody attack when he tried to pay with food stamps'

  • A Whole Foods Market security guard in Oakland has been fired after he allegedly assaulted a customer Thursday night
  • The attack reportedly began inside the store and an eyewitness shared disturbing images of the bloodied victim to Facebook
  • Witness Zoe Marks says the victim was not 'shouting' or  being 'violent' before the guard slammed the man into concrete pillars
  • Marks says the guard put the shopper into a chokehold and 'suffocated' him before throwing him on the ground outside unconscious
  • Police are investigating the incident and the victim is in stable condition at a local hospital  

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Louie Bee's Commentary:

Please read the whole story above. What seems like was we have another case of an ego driven poorly trained security unprofessional over stepping his responsibility.

Violence is to be avoided at all cost. In most cases even when you are in the right to use violence you end up in the wrong. That is because most corporations are so scared of lawsuits. Even if the suspect is trying to kill you, the company will side on its best interests.

First, SG's are not police, do not have the same powers as police, so keep your hands to yourself.
Second,  If the customer is not being unruly LET THE STORE MANAGER HANDLE IT!
Third, A SG's job is to observe and report. Only intervene when the situation gets out of hand.

This SG got fired and now Whole Foods is in damage control mode. I guarantee the SG is going to face charges and Whole Foods is going to have to pay a hefty settlement to the victim. and rightfully so. He was an armed guard as well so imagine if Mr. wannabe jack boot thug cop wanted to play dirty harry with the customer? The SG could have killed the customer over trying to PAY with food stamps.

SG's like him make me sick. Acting like you have special powers. I can't stress this enough, SG's are not police. You can not choke someone because you don't like them. I hope this customer recovers and sues the hell out of Whole Foods for obviously not training the SG in public relations and allowing a loose cannon to guard its facility.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Big Apple Security Becomes two new schools

If you follow this blog you already know that Big Apple Security was the first school I exposed on this blog with their unethical business practices.

In an effort to keep an eye on these people to make sure they can't come back and screw more people. I googled the numbers of the defunct Big Apple Security and discovered that two of the number are being used by two new Security Guard Schools.

The Two schools are:

  1. Diamond Security Protection Inc 69-27 Myrtle Avenue Glendale, NY 11385 (718) 418-5557
  2. Prime Security Training & Placement 35 Journal Square Jersey City, NJ 07306 201-668-9417
I haven't been able to find any dirt on Diamond Security Protection, Inc. YET! So IF you went through them and they trained you less than 8 hours or 16 hours for your certification they have stolen from you. Also the state is cracking down on these scam school that are not training people properly are getting their licenses revoked. So if they get their license revoke that will make your certificate worthless and you will have to come out your pocket for another class. Please email me with any information about this business.

If you are trying to become a security officer in New Jersey I suggest you stay away from Prime Security Training & Placement because no one can guarantee you a job. Especially Mr. Burgess who has a history of screwing people here in NYC. Back in 5/18/2012 I contacted Mr Burgess owner of big apple security I told him I literally had all the training and he was still going to charge me $75 for what!!! He couldn't explain to me what the fee was for. If the advertised as a staffing agency and a training school I would understand but they have people coming in to interview for jobs he doesn't have. taking advantage of the poor broke people. Instead of going after the rich. Yeah cause massa has him trained. Expose these crooks and together we will clean up the industry.

Friday, January 30, 2015

School Review: Liberty Security Training Institute

As some of you know I expose scam Security Guard schools & Employment agencies on this blog. I recently had to get my 8 Hour Annual In-Service certification so I can renew my license.

So after some googling I found the Liberty Security Training Institute. The price was right. Usually most schools charge $45 for the class but They are running a winter sale for 8 Hour Annual In-Service class $38 but if you prepay online they give another 5 bucks off so mit ended up cost just $33. The class comes with lunch and a beverage.

I do not know if they help the new Officers with their paper work so I do not know if they charge for that service. You can see the list of classes and prices on their site at  There is no scamming here no silly employment agency crap going on.

Just as a heads up this school is by the book. This isnt a certificate mill. If you signed up for the 8 hour class be prepared to be there for the full 8 hours. But you will get a great refresher course and the time flies by you also get breaks in between.

I put my money where my mouth is I went through this myself and it was money not wasted. I highly recommend taking this course.

List Of Security Guard Schools Shut down by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice

Below are two listings. The first list identifies security guard training schools that are either suspended or revoked. The second list identifies currently approved security guard training schools.


The NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) approval of the below-listed security guard training schools has been SUSPENDED OR REVOKED due to the school’s non-compliance with the Security Guard Program rules and regulations. These schools are NO LONGER DCJS-APPROVED and may no longer operate as a DCJS-approved security guard training school to conduct security guard training courses required by New York State General Business Law Article 7-A, section 89-n.

Which means that if you received a certificate from any of these schools it is now void meaning that it is now worthless and your license might be suspended as well if you do not get it fixed.

The Shut down Schools are:

  • Access Global Security Corp - 312162 REVOKED 12/21/2011
  • American Security Training - 241295 REVOKED 12/14/2010
  • Basi Security Trng-411706 REVOKED 3/29/2011
  • Blue Steel Security Guard Trng Sch - 241860 REVOKED 7/31/2013
  • Bronx Career Training & Placement Centers - 311835 REVOKED 1/14/2012
  • CJL Security Services - 242205 REVOKED 4/15/2014
  • FTI Inc - 301720 REVOKED 4/19/2010
  • First Alert Security Plus - 242179 SUSPENDED 2/22/2015
  • GM Security - 312142 REVOKED 9/2/ 2011
  • Hagana Security Guard School - 441371 REVOKED 5/20/2011
  • Imperial Security - 312210 REVOKED 6/26/2013
  • Lindguy Prestige Sec Guard Trn School -241650 REVOKED 1/19/2012
  • Miracle Security Training School - 411811 SUSPENDED 12/2/2014
  • National Security Training & Placement - 312100 REVOKED 12/23/2011
  • New Era Employment Sevices Inc.- 031569 REVOKED 04/29/2013
  • New York Security Training Services - 411521 REVOKED 6/17/2010
  • Njia Institute - 031838 REVOKED 1/13/2014
  • On Time Security Training School - 031967 REVOKED 6/6/2011
  • Sammed Security Training Ctr.- 011171 REVOKED 11/09/2011
  • Scholastica Security Guard Trng School - 412191 REVOKED 7/27/2011
  • Sebastian Ortiz Network Security Solution - 411916 REVOKED 7/11/2011
  • Security 101 Training Center - 522084 REVOKED 2/2/2012
  • Security Career Inst-411648 REVOKED 9/26/2010

For a list of DCJS APPROVED SECURITY GUARD TRAINING SCHOOLS go to starting at page 2 and look up what county you are in

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A.G. Schneiderman Reaches Settlement With NYC Security Guard Training Company That Scammed Unemployed Consumers

Company Posted Phony Job Listings, Made False Promises Of Employment To Trick Consumers Into Paying For Expensive Training Courses

Schneiderman: This Settlement Permanently Prohibits Company From Advertising Employment Opportunities Or Conducting Security Guard Classes In New York

NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced that his office had reached a settlement with 1st Security Prep and Placement, a large New York City security guard training school, and its owner Allen Haft, directing as much as $100,000 to unwitting victims who paid for expensive job training courses and were falsely promised jobs in return. The Office of the Attorney General sued 1st Security, located at 250 West 40th Street, and Allen Haft in New York State Supreme Court in April 2013 and obtained a temporary restraining order shutting the school down and freezing its assets. Since the temporary restraining order was issued, 1st Security has ceased to operate.

The settlement, which resolves the litigation against 1st Security and Allen Haft, permanently enjoins 1st Security and Mr. Haft from advertising or offering employment opportunities or employment placement assistance and from offering to sell, selling or conducting security guard or other safety-related training in New York. The settlement also turns over the nearly $100,000 in frozen funds to the Attorney General, which will be used to refund victims of 1st Security’s unlawful practices, and covers penalties, costs, and fees.

“Phony job listings lured thousands of vulnerable, unemployed New Yorkers into believing they would obtain work after paying for expensive training courses. In fact, this company’s whole operation was a scam,” Attorney General Schneiderman said. “This office will not tolerate individuals or companies who make false promises to deceive the public into paying for inferior products.” 

The Attorney General’s Office conducted an undercover investigation of the company revealing that it had posted hundreds of fake security guard job listings online on Craigslist and in newspapers including the New York Post, Metro, amNewYork, and the New York Daily News. The advertisements made it seem like the company was hiring employees at high hourly wages when in fact the company was selling inferior training courses. 

When consumers responded to the ads, 1st Security falsely promised them that they had been selected for a position but told applicants that before they could start working, they had to complete a series of security guard training courses, typically at a cost of $449 to $667. 

After consumers paid for and completed 1st Security’s training courses, they met with 1st Security’s placement office and were given worthless “referrals” to security guard companies -- instead of the promised jobs. When consumers followed up on the referrals, they were not hired for any positions usually because the companies were not hiring or were not interested in hiring individuals with no experience, who had not registered to work as a security guard. 

If you were a victim of 1st Security’s scheme, please call the Office of the Attorney General’s helpline at 1.800.771.7755 or file a complaint form, available here. The amount of restitution received by individual consumers will depend on how much money victims paid to the company, as well as the number of claims submitted. 

This settlement is the latest in a series of Attorney General enforcement actions against phony security guard schools and employment agencies. In September 2011, the Office of the Attorney General was awarded a nearly $4 million judgment in a court action against C.P. International Security and its owner, based on a similar scheme. In July 2013, the Office of the Attorney General indicted two owners of phony employment agency United Care Services for advertising nonexistent jobs to the public, promising that clients who paid for their services would be placed in the nonexistent jobs and stealing money from hundreds of New Yorkers.

The case was handled by Assistant Attorney General Benjamin J. Lee and Supervisory Investigator Andres Rodriguez, under the supervision of Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection’s Deputy Bureau Chief Laura J. Levine, Bureau Chief Jane M. Azia and Executive Deputy Attorney General for Economic Justice Karla G. Sanchez.