Monday, October 14, 2013

Allstate AKA National Security Preparation and Placement New Name Same Scam

School: Allstate
Formally Known As: National Security Preparation and Placement
Location: 355-9 West 30th Street, 3rd floor, corner of 7th Avenue, on the 3rd fl.
>Websites: (dead)
Numbers: 212-470-6097, 
Links to Complaints: First
It seems that National Security Preparation and Placement aka Allstate aka an agency that I had experience with is now in my cross hairs. Below is a complaint from someone who hit me up on YouTube:
It was on September 20th at 3 pm when I got a call from a Mr. Mamadou Diallo saying, I needed to come in for a security job right now and to bring $100 with me to start work 24-48 hrs. I hesitated at first because I remembered going to that precise address, 335-9 W. 7th St. & 30th in NYC and the door was locked then when I was able to go in no one was and the numbers on the door to call were disconnected. That was just the previous month, August, I so regret return to that pit of evil liars. 
I did go that Friday and was received by Oliver, a former military man - his admission, great bullshiter, said registration was $100, but since my 8 hr expired -I needed an annual one and that costed only $199 and he would wait for me to go to the bank to withdraw it. I should have gone home, but I didn't. Instead I returned and he gave me $1 change and a receipt that i had to initial and realizing now those initials prevent me from asking or being allowed any returns or guaranteed employment.
I should have read it carefully, but even if I had I had already turned over the cash and would not have seen it again. The class that was scheduled was twice postponed. I was too livid because I traveled all the way from jersey to NYC on a Sunday just to be told that there is no class on Sunday, 22nd Sept. Instead Wednesday, 25th Sept, the night before I texted Oliver and he says oh not Wednesday either, definitely on Sunday, 29th Sept. I'm getting fed up but have no fucking choice by now. Saturday I text him then he asks for my full name so he can create a ticket so I can get into class. Then says it will be at Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn.
Mind you he isn't there it's a school not even connected to him and when I get there I discover the course was just $30!!!Then the honest instructor thankful warns us of the scams that are going on, but that was a little to late for me. I took money from my rent and now I won't be able to have any more to pay any rent at all. I'm skint until I find work and that 8 hr certificate is absolutely worthless where it is now. I had in essence threw away $300 down the drain and I WISH NEVER to have any thing more ever to do with security guarding. It has been nothing but a money pit for me and they seem to chose man over women more any way. And having no experience make it worse for me.
 I had an experience with this company when  it was called National Security Training and Placement. Here are the bullet points of  my impression of my experience.

  • Ghetto
  • unprofessional
  • liars
So they are continuing there bullshit under a new name.

Uplifting email

From mercman256

BIG THANKS! to your blog site and to many other sites. Those jokers are going for another route...Hotel workers. I'm new to NYC and looking for work so I thought it was legit until they asked me for $80 for a background check. NO JOB HAS EVER ASKED ABOUT THAT. So followed my instinct and looked up the address and number I called and low and behold I was right. IT IS A SCAM! Just wanted to let you know that they have uprooted from the security scam and going for hotel workers. The number I dialed was 516-641-0400.
One big thing people wanting to work at hotels should look out for, if it's legit then you will do the job interview AT THE HOTEL not at some cheap "suite" in some "office for rent" building. One big thing people wanting to work at hotels should look out for, if it's legit then you will do the job interview AT THE HOTEL not at some cheap "suite" in some "office for rent" building.
So basically we messed up their operations so much that now they had to change the game. KEEP HAMMERING THEM!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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