Monday, September 23, 2013

In house Vs. Contract Security Jobs

You may have come to this blog because you are new to the security industry and need some guidance. That is why I made this blog was to help others avoid the pitfalls of the security industry. As a security officer I feel like a nomad not staying with a position long enough to grow roots with a company. And, why is that? Its because we are always looking for better. Better hours, Pay, and a job with benefits. You may have heard the terms “in-house security” and “contract security” work. What are they and what is the difference? Which is better? What do they have to offer?

What are “in-house security” and “contract security” jobs? In house security controlled entirely by the company establishing security for its operations. Contract security services are operations that are provided by a professional security company that contracts its services to a company. For example, NYU Security guards work directly for NYU, they are in house. Most hotels and, universities have in-house security. Contract security companies are companies like Allied Barton, Securitas, FJC, etc.

In house security jobs usually pay more and better benefits than contract security. To get an in house security job you need to be more qualified. These are sometimes unionized. You will need at least 2 to 3 years experience and a high school diploma. You might want to get your fireguard license as well. You have more responsibility at these jobs. You will get treated like a total asshole if you mess up slightly.

Contract security usually means you have to eat shit for less money. Contract security companies use you to make them money so the less they pay you the more they profit. For example they charge the client like $40 a guard but pay you $9 and don't give you health or anything. To save even more money they hire more guards so no one gets 40hrs and they make sure you do not get paid for lunch so you will get paid 7 hrs a day. That is if you are lucky to get a lunch. You will get treated like a total asshole of the bat. There will be times that you will get stuck working over 16 hours because someone will have had enough and quit or have gotten fired.

No matter who you work for just know security is the red headed step child. Even though we are expected to fight Al Queada and prevent the apocalypse you will always be a low priority. At least with in house you get compensated better. So always aim for in house security. Contract work is only good to gain experience. So keep your eyes open and improve your skills and get those certifications. If you dont have you diploma get your GED it will help you out. As always strive to be better.