Thursday, August 14, 2014

Security Guard Horror Stories: Missing Pay

The way security companies make money is literally off the backs of the people they hire to do security at there clients locations. For example they will charge the client 40 dollars an hour for each guard. Then turn around and pay that guard minimum wage to 10 dollars an hour. That guard is paid a crap wage to be treated like garbage and expected to deal with stresses that are just inhuman.

Did you know that security companies have another trick up there sleeve to be able to keep money away from security guards?

What they do is do not pay you all the hours you worked in hopes you do not notice the missing pay. This is why Security guard must record when they work and compare it to their pay stub every time and then file a grievance every time your check is short.

My latest horrifying experience goes back in time back in 2001 at my first ever security job. The company was called S&H security from Harlem. I worked only 2 days because I was in college. At the time I was paid minimum wage which was $6 an hour. I worked 24 hours a week.

Very often my check was short 6 hours. On top of that they would often pay me with a bounced check! every week a bounced check! They would tell us to go to a specific check cashier that would charge $20 bucks to cash checks. A lot of times I would have to go without pay for an entire week. I was still expected to be at work on time and do my job.

I would complain and the racism was fucking amazing to the point I could say it was amaze balls. I would tell them my check was short or that the check bounced and they would say why didn't you go to the check cashier I would tell them I cant afford the fee. Then they would ask, What do you need all that money Jose Cuervo? To be able to get to work and do things. Why don't you walk fat ass?

Did I mention this was a ghetto black owned business. Where ratchetness was the business model.

The major reason why I feel that Security companies do this purposely is that you never ever her them overpaying a guard. You would think that in the case averages that the amount of missing pay there would have to be a mistake in extra pay.

Always keep track of your time and do the math yourself, I use to calculate how much my check is going to be. and I compare it to my pay.

Keep an eye on your site and company. Cover your ass!