Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Security Guard Horror Stories: Sexist Ghetto Female Coworkers

It was a Friday morning I was finishing up my 6pm-6am shift. It was already 6:15am and our reliefs were already late. A vendor was on site and since the next crew wasn't there yet I took the responsibility of escorting them.I called up to the office at 6:30am to see if anyone showed up so they can come down and relieve me from escorting so I can send my partner “D” home since he has to be back 12 hours later and I can wait in the office for the other person “AJ” to come in to relieve me.“D” told me Ms. “F” was on site and that he will tell her to go down to relieve me.

A few minutes later “D” comes down to relieve me. I asked him why is it him that came down? He has to go home. “D” told me she didn't want to. “F” told him that She wasn't ready to start work because she hadn't taken off her boots or coat. (All of “F” which she could have down once she was done escorting the vendors. Keep in mind also she arrived late. And the rules state that if you are late you must be able to begin work as soon as you enter the building.) “F” told him in a snotty way “why don't you go relieve him”?

I went up to the security office to explain that “D” had to leave because he had to be back tonight, and I needed to stay in the office to wait for “AJ”. “F” stated with an attitude that it was “Too F**king bad that she just got in and she wasn't ready”. I told her that she is 30 minutes late and that is rude to make coworkers wait a minute longer. She told me that “E” is a bitch for crying about wanting to go home. That she is always relieved late and often stuck. I told her that has nothing to do with us it is unacceptable to be late. She replied Why don't you be a man and stop crying like a bitch. After that she went downstairs to finally relieve “E”. A few minutes later “AJ” arrives. I went to retrieve “E” for us to leave since both our reliefs finally arrived. When I called to clock out I was told that I was automatically signed out when “F” called in (from an outside phone which means they stop paying me) to sign in at 6am even though she was not on site till 6:30am. So she tried to steal money from me on top of the disrespect.

I was called into HR at the company and I was told that after the investigation they got her and her friend to accuse me of sexual harassment. They did not allow me to defend myself. I was immediately fired. That is the problem with contract security companies. They would rather fire someone than actually do an investigation because it is not about keeping good people who will work. Its about keep the client in the dark about the bullshit being pulled.