Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Do not go for Jobs advertised by the HR Dept.

On Craigslist and other internet job posting sites there is this security job scam going around where they use multiple phone numbers calling themselves HR Dept or Human Resource Department .

When You Google the phone number it just leads to other fake job postings from Hr Depart.

Ask yourself these question:

  1. What are they the Human Resource Department for?
  2. why don't they have a website every business in this day and age has a website?
  3. Why don't they have their address posted?
  4. why don't they have one direct number instead of multiple cell phone numbers that may be burner phones?
Also they promise high pay for your first time in security. That is impossible even if you were in a union. You will be lucky to get a job that pays 10 an hour your first time.

All new security guards start with minimum wage.

More than likely these people don't have a address posted because they move around so that the law cant catch them. They set up shop in different places so they can set up and keep scamming people. I advise you only do business with schools that have fair prices and does not have any classes other than what is required by the state. FIRE GUARD CLASSES DO NOT MAKE YOU A FIRE GUARD IF YOU PASS THEM go to How do I get a Fireguard License in NYC for more info on fire guard.