Monday, October 14, 2013

Allstate AKA National Security Preparation and Placement New Name Same Scam

School: Allstate
Formally Known As: National Security Preparation and Placement
Location: 355-9 West 30th Street, 3rd floor, corner of 7th Avenue, on the 3rd fl.
>Websites: (dead)
Numbers: 212-470-6097, 
Links to Complaints: First
It seems that National Security Preparation and Placement aka Allstate aka an agency that I had experience with is now in my cross hairs. Below is a complaint from someone who hit me up on YouTube:
It was on September 20th at 3 pm when I got a call from a Mr. Mamadou Diallo saying, I needed to come in for a security job right now and to bring $100 with me to start work 24-48 hrs. I hesitated at first because I remembered going to that precise address, 335-9 W. 7th St. & 30th in NYC and the door was locked then when I was able to go in no one was and the numbers on the door to call were disconnected. That was just the previous month, August, I so regret return to that pit of evil liars. 
I did go that Friday and was received by Oliver, a former military man - his admission, great bullshiter, said registration was $100, but since my 8 hr expired -I needed an annual one and that costed only $199 and he would wait for me to go to the bank to withdraw it. I should have gone home, but I didn't. Instead I returned and he gave me $1 change and a receipt that i had to initial and realizing now those initials prevent me from asking or being allowed any returns or guaranteed employment.
I should have read it carefully, but even if I had I had already turned over the cash and would not have seen it again. The class that was scheduled was twice postponed. I was too livid because I traveled all the way from jersey to NYC on a Sunday just to be told that there is no class on Sunday, 22nd Sept. Instead Wednesday, 25th Sept, the night before I texted Oliver and he says oh not Wednesday either, definitely on Sunday, 29th Sept. I'm getting fed up but have no fucking choice by now. Saturday I text him then he asks for my full name so he can create a ticket so I can get into class. Then says it will be at Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn.
Mind you he isn't there it's a school not even connected to him and when I get there I discover the course was just $30!!!Then the honest instructor thankful warns us of the scams that are going on, but that was a little to late for me. I took money from my rent and now I won't be able to have any more to pay any rent at all. I'm skint until I find work and that 8 hr certificate is absolutely worthless where it is now. I had in essence threw away $300 down the drain and I WISH NEVER to have any thing more ever to do with security guarding. It has been nothing but a money pit for me and they seem to chose man over women more any way. And having no experience make it worse for me.
 I had an experience with this company when  it was called National Security Training and Placement. Here are the bullet points of  my impression of my experience.

  • Ghetto
  • unprofessional
  • liars
So they are continuing there bullshit under a new name.