Sunday, July 27, 2014

Security Guard Horror Stories: Getting Stuck

In the next installment of my "security Guard Horror Stories" I bring you the example of getting stuck on site. Getting stuck on site means when it is time for you to go home and your relief doesn't show up. So you call your supervisor but either they do not answer or they give you a rude comment saying "Well we have no one to relieve you", so you end up doing a double. In this experience it was far worse.

I worked for a small security company called Sovereign Security. I was working for them for about a month at the time and the turn over at the site I was at was very frequent. At the time my shift was the 6pm till 2am shift. So on this particular night it was friday into saturday. It was already 1:53am I am looking at the clock wondering where is my relief. 2am comes and goes it is now 3am. I tried calling my supervisor but she was asleep for the night and not picking up the phone for nothing.

I realize I am now stuck and have to pull a double. which is the 2am till 10am shift. I do it at least it was a sit down post and it was dead. I could also go on the internet and watch movies so I was fine for now. 10am comes the staff has arrived for the day yet still no relief has showed up. I called my supervisor she picks up and tells me that two people decided to quit at the same time. My two reliefs. I was already fading fast. My eyes were really heavy.

At 11:30am my supervisor finally calls saying she herself will relive me at 2pm. 2pm!!!! At this point I have been on site for 17 1/2 hours straight. Now I have to wait till 2! that will make it 20 hours straight.

2 o'clock rolls around my supervisor hasnt shown up yet. she doesn't come until 3pm with some excuse about having to pick up her grand child from school or some bullshit. I have been there 21 hours straight! Mind you there was a zero tolerance policy for falling a sleep on post.

In security there is no respect for your health or time. You are expect to be a spartan able to endure superhuman stresses on your body. The kicker was I was only paid 9 dollars an hour! At the time I had 8 years experience. No respect.

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