Tuesday, July 29, 2014

No name Security Company Scams Brother and Sister out of Money

One of my viewers sent me this email about a common scam in the security industry. She answered this ad on Craigslist that said:
 front desk duties, Answering phones, Signing in packages, Signing Guests IN/Out, Monitoring Surveillance Cameras
Security training will be available upon acceptance, Mandatory !
NO FELONIES ( will not be accepted !)Must be 18 years and over Male/Female.
pay is up to $16.72
Call for an INTERVIEW : 212 470 1862
reply by email: msrivera10222@gmail.com

She writes:
A few weeks ago my brother and I saw this ad on the internet, we really wanted a job, so we decided to give them a call. We called them the very same day, and spoke to a  Ms. Rivera. Ms. Rivera told us about the job, the work hours, and how they pay. Ms. Rivera even gave us the schedule of the shifts they had available. Ms. Rivera said that all we need to get started is only $80. Ms. Rivera said that if we have the $80 we can come in the next day. 
When we went there the following day and met with a man that works with  Ms. Rivera his name was Mr. Rosa. Mr. Rosa spoke to my brother and I, saying that because my brother didn't have a security license he would have to apply for one, take an 8 hours course, a16 hours course and a fire guard class. For this the cost would be $500. Mr. Rosa said because I already had a Security Guard license, and my 8 hours certificate. I just needed to do the 16 hours course, and the fire guard class that will cost me $300. We didn't have all the money so Mr. Rosa said we could pay part and then we could finish paying once we started working. 
Mr. Rosa told my brother that as soon as we pay down part of the money he could start his classes and it's only for three days, and he told me that because I got my licence I would start working by the Wednesday when I pay my part of the money. My brother and I borrowed $300 from our mother and went to pay Mr Rosa so that we could get started. We went and payed him and he told us that we should call him the next day so he could schedule my brother for classes and put me at a work site. The next day we called him and Mr. Rosa said that we should call back he is busy. I tried calling him on many occasions yet he didn't want to answer.
Let me break this down so you will recognize this.

  1. What is the name and address of the business? where are they located? no where in the ad. Any reputable business will have this information.
  2. Where is a website? In 2014 there should be a website?
  3. Up front costs. Always ask what the upfront costs are for? Most Security Guard companies and schools do not charge an entrance fee.
  4. If they are pressuring you leave. Never give your money to someone pushy there are legit schools out there.
  5. Upselling. Making it seem you need to take extra classes that are not required by law to be able to charge more is shadey. 
  6. Always google the phone number and check for reviews. No Reviews or Bad Reviews Never do business with them.
What you should be paying for security courses as posted by REMS security training school http://www.securitytraining.com/

8 hour security class - $45
16 hour Security class- $90 I have seen it lower for $70 else where.

For information about getting your fire guard license read my blog post here How do I get a Fireguard License in NYC

In closing if it doesnt feel right back out. Because as soon as you give up the money getting it back might be close to impossible.